Occupy Chicago Stands with Oakland! - Student Walk Out and Solidarity March on International Day of Action


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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

5 PM - Student Walkouts - Columbia College, UIC, DePaul, Northwestern

6 PM - March to City Hall - Gather at Jackson & LaSalle

7 PM - General Assembly - Michigan & Congress


Occupy Chicago Stands with Oakland! - Student Walk Out and Solidarity March on International Day of Action


CHICAGO 11/01/11 – Occupy Wall Street (occupywallst.org) is calling for a national day of protest on Nov. 2nd in solidarity with Occupy Oakland and Scott Olsen, a two tour Iraq War veteran suffering from a head injury after a tear gas canister was shot directly at his head by Oakland Police on October 25. 


Answering the call locally, students at several colleges, including Columbia College, UIC, DePaul, and Northwestern, will walk out of classes at 5pm, head to a 6pm Occupy Chicago march begining at Jackson and LaSalle, rally at City Hall, and continue to Michigan and Congress for Occupy Chicago's 7pm General Assembly.


“What happens to one of us happens to us all. We are all Scott Olsen,” says Sarah Vaughn, a student at UIC. "As the voice of the Occupy Movement grows stronger, we face police brutality and the denial of our constitutional rights. Regardless, we will continue to fight for real change in this country, striving to remove corporate interests and big money from politics."


Occupy Oakland (occupyoakland.org) is calling for a general strike and port blockade in their city to express outrage over the violence peaceful occupiers have faced from the Oakland Police, and to continue their demands for economic and social justice. The strike is endorsed by labor unions, including SEIU local 1021, UAW local, Oakland Teachers Union, and Carpenter's Local 713.


Since Sept. 23, Occupy Chicago has been utilizing the sidewalks of thefinancial district to raise awareness of the corruption and complicityin the banking industry and government.


For more information, see http://occupychi.org and @OccupyChicago on Twitter.


For more information on the worldwide protest, which has spread to hundreds of communities, see http://occupyinfo.tumblr.com



Only students?

NO, NO, NO! This is all wrong! This isn't only supposed to just be students at 5pm! It's supposed everyone all day! All workers! How effective do you really expect this to be?

I am so sad I wasn't around to help organize this. 


Chatto's picture

Unfortuantely I missed this walkout. I actually had class that day too. However, it wouldn't really be a walkout, because 5pm is pretty much exactly when my class ends. If there is to be another walkout, it should be planned when class is in session and should be proposed a couple more days in advance. I would have given a few of my teachers some info on it and asked them to spread the news. I'm inclined to believe that teachers are part of the 99% as well, fyi. Certainly the $300 I pay per class isn't going to the teachers, but some bullshit marketting for the school. That said, Columbia isn't the worst offender from my experience. Take a look at Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy...there's a lot of acedemic BS over there. I was there for a week and felt like I was given a bait and switch. They also tried to make me cough up tuition for the week when classes were canceled from that snowstorm. That said, any school that has participating teachers will be nice.