Day 24 – 7pm General Assembly Minutes


Occupy Chicago – 7pm GA Minutes

Date/Time: 10/16/11, 7pm – met at Jackson & LaSalle and began march to The Horse, 7:18pm – GA began
Location:  The Horse Statue at Congress & Michigan
Attendance Count:  170-ish heads at start of GA
Media in attendance: ABC Channel 7, Fox News, Spanish Language Network(?)

  • Explanation of hand signals and human mic/way the GA works, speakers get 2mins
  • Round of applause for yesterday’s arrests


  • Legal Announcement- attorney with National Lawyers Guild spoke – if you were arrested and released with an I Bond you can NOT leave the state before your court date without permission – for those who have to leave the state before a court date but don’t have legal representation call their hotline to see if they can help you petition to leave – NATIONAL LAWYERS GUILD HOTLINE 773-309-1198 – be sure to provide them with your Name, Phone #, Where your court date is scheduled – you can find this info above the date on your I Bond form – they can’t guarantee they can provide everyone with representation but they will try
  • Medic Announcement – Proposed medic training for all on First Aid/Safety Committee as all of them have different backgrounds; Proposed that we find an accountant to help with donations; There is a roster of all committees in the info box at HQ – find it and submit your info if you’re interested in participating; WE OWE ROOSEVELT UNIVERSITY A BIG APOLOGY for the vandalization that occurred to their property during our march – someone spray painted their door – they have been very helpful to us and we need to make it up to them
  • Announcement of Proposal – Proposed Solutions Committee – it will be used to solve war, poverty, crime and disease that come from the lies we have been fed through education and media and will help create peace, prosperity, health and happiness by November 2011 – If anyone wants to join this committee find them after
  • Announcement Requesting Help - Young lady has been contacting people on craiglist about donating supplies – can someone go with her to pick up a tent – see her after the GA if interested
  • Call for Committee Specific Announcements
  • Logistical/Tech Committee – They need people who can be there over night! They are proposing a shift schedule so we don’t lose our presence during morning hours because of burnout of those who keep pulling multiple all night shifts; ALSO the website will be moving off wordpress soon – they need data entry people to help with this – see committee after GA if you’re interested in helping
  • Labor Committee - More than 100% solidarity from unions which means it doesn’t matter who is arrested
  • Outreach Committee -They are planning an art/music related event to happen in several venues – they can also be fundraisers for food and donations
  • Request from Outreach – On earlier topic of planning a music/art event – it helps if we can get space granted to us by sympathetic bookers/owners – if you know of a venue that might be interested in helping us please let Outreach know
  • New Committee Announcement – A new committee is being formed to work on collaboration between Occupy Chi and the communities that support us (city communities, other occupations, unions, etc.) – see them after if you’re interested in participating
  • Jobs for Justice Announcement – Lady with Jobs for Justice brought greetings from the Chicago Labor Union and said they are interested in organizing a larger march for possibly this upcoming Friday or Saturday – they are willing to help install Occupy Chi  wherever we decide we want to be – they are working with the Mayor’s office and supposedly that office has been told the need to resolve this issue and help us – she is in touch with the Labor union and the outreach committee and will keep working and follow-up with us soon
  • Social Media Announcement – Plenty of social media work has been completed – all committee email are up and running so talk to committees and get them if you want to contact – Our web admins have been in contact with the Wall Street web admins as well as the admins for the top 40 occupies in the country and have started a 200 person strong nation covering nerd fest of social media giving us a 34,000,000 online following; Occupy WS also put us on the top of their list for cities to go to for info/photos/videos/online donations so 5,000,000 can now see what Chicago is about – all of this was over 10hrs of work so imagine what they will accomplish in 24hr
  • Outreach Announcement – If you can print/distribute fliers please help them – they are trying to hit the blue and red lines – see the committee if you would like to help
  • WE ALL BRIEFLY SAID HELLO TO CPD – the people’s mic is also open to them
  • General Announcement – Be sure to reach out to your alderman, state reps, legislators, governors, congressmen and even your president – make as many phone calls/emails as you can and insist that we get a location

    OPENED DISCUSSION/REFLECTIONS ON YESTERDAY’S ARRESTS (2min time limit and stack line opened)
    • Stack – Employee/member of Unite Here Local 1 – last night he came down and sat in the park and made 200 new best friends – it is an honor and a pleasure to stand up with Occupy Chicago and he’ll be here until the end – Proposed that we work on expanding amount of legal support we have
    • Announcement that stack line will be closing in a few minutes
    • Stack - Trade union activist from Occupy MN – they had some lovely speeches at 1st Unitarian this morning  and want to thank us – Multi-racial unity will solve the worlds problems – Another world is possible!
    • Stack – Girl who was arrested last night wanted to say thank you to the CPD for treating them kindly with respect and understanding like human beings – they are Chicago’s finest and we appreciate their work
    • Stack – Gentleman with Sprinkler Fitters Local 201 – they voted unanimously 2 weeks ago to stand in solidarity with Occupy Chicago – reminded us that we are all organizers – this will grow and not go away and the world has already changed because of it – Progressive Radio just put up a billboard that says “Tax Billionaires” – We’re changing the conversation!
    • Stack – Thank you CPD for kind treatment and also for taking his arrest “cherry” – change comes from the tension we’re creating
    • Stack - Reminder to dress nicely – every day is an opportunity for a photo op and the better we look the less they have to delegitimize us; also be here even when the weather is bad, don’t lose sight of what we’re trying to do; finally personally invited CPD to join us and be on the right side of the barricades – come when you’re off duty and we’ll even let you bang on a drum
    • Stack – Proposed that we put out some concrete literature that can be left around town – Chicago Zine Fest is in the spring  - if Occupy Chi is interested in getting together publishing/having a table at the Fest someone should see her after
    • Stack – Wasn’t there yesterday because she is lucky enough to have a job when many don’t – Occupiers speak for those people who can’t be here and many of those people are very grateful for what the occupations are doing – the financial community is selling us for parts – our country, our neighborhoods, our economy and our love for one another and it’s not going to work
    • Stack - Last night was a night to remember - it will be more memorable to him than many nights spent in bars and clubs – remind your friends that they can always go out and get drunk but nights like last night are special so come down and support
    • Stack – Proudest night of his life – all over the globe people are joining and yesterday we inspired many to come out; He thinks we have to do everyone we can to make sure those who were arrested are not left to deal with the repercussions alone – we must stand with them; OccupyHood joined yesterday – 1,000,000 black men in jail in our country and between January and today 43 black men were killed by the CPD – he thinks all of those killings should be investigated independently
    • Stack – The system is built to destroy our karma, tax and addict us – our goal is not to jopin/get a piece of a corrupt system but instead to transform it
    • Stack – The social media team needs more help – if you want to join find her; Told story of an amazing lady on the other side of the street during arrests – she called and was hung up on by the mayor’s office numerous times – when she reached someone she told them to turn on the live stream and they did and then they watched it with her – he said maybe we can negotiate after watching it – then the Jobs for Justice lady said if we come up with places we want to occupy the unions will back us – if you have ideas on places we should occupy talk to them after
    • Medics Announcement - If you were arrested and are experience any discomfort/pain from wrist ties please come see them if it continues after seeing them please seek medical attention – OccupyChi medics were white bandanas and yellow vests
    • Stack on original topic -Been here since day 3 and wants to remind us not to get off track on random issues – we are acting now so later generations don’t suffer – we are all brothers and sisters here; Message to SPD – when the 1% try to kill us and the movement and the entire planet we know you will be there to protect us so thank you


    • Presentation (5mins) – He had the idea a few days ago on how to sustain the movement in the long term – for details see the proposal here - - if even 10% of our followers/participants donated just $5 or $10 we could have a fund to keep our committees & members working in the long term – people would be held accountable and would be required to submit receipts – if they stole from us they would be called before the GA and proper action would be taken – his proposal comes with no ulterior motives – he just wants to see us succeed – this it will be voted at tomorrow’s evening GA
    • Presentation – Oct 22nd March – read list of names of some of the 195 people since September 2007 killed by the CPD – there were 95,000 blacks in prison in 1954 in the USA and now there are 9,000,000 in prison today – meanwhile we terrorize immigrants at the border and law enforcement continues to harass and sexually assault minorities and immigrants – they propose that Occupy Chicago joins the October 22nd protest to end police brutality and repression of an entire generation of people – they also propose that we have representatives amongst the speakers at that protest – it will begin at 1pm on the 22nd at the Thompson Center and will march around the loop – then at 6pm it will head to the Gala for the International Police Chiefs at the Hilton – wear black, fight back – for more info on presentation see forum discussion – - it will be voted on at tomorrow’s evening GA

    VOTE TO ADJOURN – if you want your vote to be counted you must be on stairs

    • Fred Hampton JR – made an off topic announcement before vote was taken – didn’t human mic so no notes – Power to the people!
    • Opposed to adjournment – 0 – GA adjourned