Day 22 – 7pm General Assembly Minutes


Schedule for Global Day of Occupation
Join Occupy Chicago and the world for a celebratory day of protest.
Arrive by 6:30pm (or earlier!) dressed in your best as suggested by legal team.
If staying the night, bring what you need like tents, sleeping bags, blankets…

12:00pm   Occupy the Hood, Chicago kicks off at the Fed (LaSalle & Jackson)
1:30pm   Health & Safety Discussion
3:00pm  Teach-In at the plaza at LaSalle & Jackson
3:00pm  Live music at The Horse, bring your instruments! (Congress & Michigan)
6:30pm  Rally at the Fed
7:00pm  Depart for GA at The Horse (Congress & Michigan)
7:15pm   General Assembly
8:30pm  March to occupation location

Occupy Chicago – 7pm GA Minutes
 10/14/11, 7pm – met at Jackson & LaSalle and began march to The Horse, 7:15pm – GA began
Location:  The Horse Statue at Congress & Michigan
Attendance Count:  250 heads at start of GA


Votes Taken (See Proposals Voted for details):
BLOCKED – Jubilee as OC demand
PASSED – Participate in Town Hall Meeting

Moment of silence observed for Denver and other occupy movement around the globe.

Committee Announcements:

  • Press:  1. Dress nicely tomorrow evening for our celebration protest of Global Occupation Day. This is for legal & safety reasons.  2. Make sure to cleanup after yourselves, as the afternoon march everyone left and HQ was a mess. Reflect poorly on everyone.  3. We received an email from an organization that is planning on event on Nov. 6th in D.C. to protest the Tar Sands Pipeline and join together occupations around America. They have a grant to bus people in. Get in touch with Micheal if you’re interested.
  • Safety/Security:  1. marches need to stay together to avoid getting hit by cars and breaking into smaller groups.  2(a). For tomorrow, if you’re on any necessary medications have them on your person and labeled with instructions, so our medics can help you; they can not administer prescriptions unless you have clear instructions for them.  (b) If you have allergies, epilepsy or asthma have inhalers, EpiPens…  (c) Write in sharpie on your arm your condition, or have a note card on your person, so we quickly know what’s wrong if a problem.  (d) If asthmatic and teargas is used/threatened, get the hell out of there.  3. Watch out for staged riots and do not be lead into violent situations. Do what you know is best and follow your heart. We are nonviolent.  4. Read advise on how to deal with law enforcement. Handout at the Fed.  5. Members are wearing bright green vests, find them if you need help.  6. If interested in joining the committee, there is a meeting at 5pm tomorrow at the Fed.
  • Photo/Video:  new group and needs more members, talk to James
  • Education:  1. there was a teach-in today, and there is one tomorrow and Sunday! See Education Calendar.  2. There are two upcoming screenings, one at University of Chicago and one at School of Art Institute. Films are “SEIC Battle in Seattle” and “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps”. Dates & times TBA. Check the Education Calendar for updates.
  • Organization:  need to figure out who is on this committee, see Seth. All supplies are in the “stock room”
  • Arts & Rec:  see them if interested in joining and there is a concert planned for tomorrow (10/15) at 3pm at The Horse (Congress & Michigan), so bring your instruments if you want to jam.
  • Direct Action:  This newly formed committee is in the development stage and need people to get involved.
  • Housing:  need supplies for Saturday, specifically palettes, concrete blocks and ropes.
  • Outreach:  1. help with neighborhood outreach in your area [FB Page].  2. Occupy the Hood will be at the Fed at 12pm tomorrow.  3. Tomorrow at 2pm there is a progressive forum in the city, and we need people to pass out literature.

General Announcement:

  • Detroit has 500 people in the streets tonight!

Proposals Voted on Tonight:

  • Jubilee (BLOCKED – 31 in favor, 170 present)
    Original Proposal:
    We have no clear political demands. We will fail if we do not gain political demands. Proposes we focus all demands and what OC works towards on canceling all debt, including:  foreclosure, student loans, car notes, medical bills, evictions, and credit card debt.
    Reworked version, that was used for voting:
    Occupy Chicago takes on a political demand of canceling all debt, including:  evictions, foreclosures, credit card debt, medical bills, student loans and car notes.
  • need to decide if this should be the sole goal or one of many, as we do currently have several political demands already voted on.
  • Sounds more like a grievance than demand.
  • Demand is too far reaching and vague to be taken seriously. Never would be able to pass give U.S. law. Instead we should go against corporations pumping money into political campaigns.
  • Debt s just a symptom of what we’re fighting. Proposal is too specific and incomplete.
  • Proposal seems infeasible and harmful a an elimination of all debt ensures no loaning in the future, which stops growth. Suggests an amendment “reform” versus elimination, by creating programs to help households with debt and to ensure students don’t pay too much for education
  • Press already works hard to defend existing demands. 99% of people in this country won’t respond to this, rather focus on ways to help pay off existing debt & eliminate the circumstances that create it.
  • Unjust war in Iraq that created debt for corporate gains, if we only focus on individual debt, it will be petty & need to think bigger and more strategically.
  • If we cancel debt, people will see as a variety of theft and play into negative comments already said. Pressure Federal Reserve for a 3rd round of quantitative easing and use fiscal policy to eliminate debt ceiling. The U.S. is the only federal government that decides which bills to pay.
  • People who work in financial industry that have to deal with this debt, if approved will lose the 99% who work in this sector and have jobs & aspirations like us.
  • Media and politicians hammer us about providing specific demands because they can spin anything to sound good or bad. Still haven’t decided overall goal, so will be harder with a specific demand in place like this.
  • 2008 banks had a lot of people owe them money and they didn’t get it, which caused the economy to collapse.
  • Don’t make demands that will marginalize movement, better to have discussion on post industrial society.
  • Lower interest rates and fees along with fair health care and education costs
  • 2nd Occupy today, as came from Occupy Grand Rapids! OC voted on 12 demands, one of which is eliminate student debt as education should be free. Propose that #13 be we cancel debt on countries around the world to stand in solidarity with the global 99%.
  • 2 choices of how to change current system, either reform or a new system. Because current system isn’t working, if we agree with some things in this proposal we need to demonstrate how it would work. Need a plan.
  • Many of the things included in the debt cancellation are basic human rights. Need to cancel debt and have a plan on how to do so within a new system we create together.
  • Student debt is a working class issues, as education is a prerequisite to get a job. Doesn’t marginalize them to treat as workers.
  • Remember we live in a consumer driven economy. Because of stagnant wages in the 80′s, debt was created for growth. If they can bailout banks they can bail out American people, which will respark spending.
  • Request to table. Seconded.
    Vote to table BLOCKED – 23 opposed of 170 present
  • Voted based on adjusted wording, no longer states exclusive demand
  • Town Hall Meeting (PASSED – 3 opposed, 170 present)
    Proposal to accept invitation by Move the Money Chicago the organizing coalition of the Town Hall Meeting on Oct. 20th at 6pm. Including a pre-event press conference at 5:30pm outside the venue and to have one representative speak at meeting for 1 min. then they are encouraging everyone to join OC at the Fed following the meeting.
    • Friendly amendment [accepted]:  Outreach will decide on specific details including choosing the speaker among the committee.
    • Event is open for anyone to attend.

Presentations for Voting on Saturday:

  • Group of people working on local demands, has written a formal proposal. You can view the full list of demands and the preamble on the forum here. [See updated forum post with formal proposal including preamble and demands here] Please feel free to contribute other demands or suggestions.

Global Day of Occupation (10/15) Discussion:

  • There will be a 7pm GA as usual followed by a march to our new home
  • GA will include legal instructions and suggestions. As legal ramifications are possible, make sure you make a decision to participate in march and base camp occupation based on your individual situation
  • Remember that we will continue to have a presence at LaSalle & Jackson, so if you choose not to participate you can always join Occupy Chicago there on the sidewalk.
  • Location is TBD and will be announced during the march following GA.
  • A 5-7 minute mediation will be held for those interested at LaSalle & Jackson at 6pm. This is a peaceful movement, so meditation and reflection will help to keep us strong and centered in this movement.
  • See calendar on right of home page with the days events, also at top of minutes
  • Remember that 50,000 are watching, we represent the American people, the city of Chicago and the 99%.
  • There will be a health & safety briefing at 1:30pm at LaSalle & Jackson
  • Proposal to use donations to purchase supplies to prepare for pepper spray just to be prepared for worst.