Day 19 – 7pm General Assembly Minutes


Occupy Chicago – 7pm GA Minutes
 10/11/11, 7pm – met at Jackson & LaSalle and began march to 500 Congress in front of Horse statue, 7:58 – GA began
Location: 500 E Congress in front of Horse Statue
Attendance Count: Roughly 120 heads (no formal head count taken)


Upcoming Education Events:

  • Wed, Oct 12th –  5pm to 6pm:  Reaching out to universities to expand the movement, Roosevelt University (room 330)
  • Fri, Oct 14th, 3pm to 5:30pm:  History of the Occupy Movements (panel), University of Chicago (room TBA)
  • Fri, Oct 14th, 4pm:  The Illusions of Free Markets & the rise of the Police State, plaza between Van Buren & Jackson
  • Sat, Oct 15th, 3pm:  “Communist Manifesto” discussion group, plaza between Van Buren & Jackson
  • Sun, Oct 16th, 3pm:  “Hate the Game Not the Player” — Greed and Capitalism teach-in, plaza between Van Buren & Jackson

Votes Taken (See “Things Covered” Section for details):
BLOCKED – Preamble, going back to discussion


  • Outreach committee has a subgroup that is working on local grievances. Submit proposals or talk with them about issues related to Chicago.
  • Heartland Cafe has offered to host an event for us, need to plan something for a week day
  • Need help organizing supply room at Grace Place
  • a group is meeting to discuss GA structure after meeting
  • group of 15 people who set up tents in the Hyatt to protest banksters were arrested, organized by South Side Organization for Unity & Liberation. All released tonight.
  • See “99″ if you would like to talk about safety and getting organized with civil disobedience
  • VIDA/Sida has offered free HIV, STI and pregnancy testing to us at Occupy Chicago. Walk-in’s are okay but may have to come back or wait, so better set up an appointment. Same day results and counseling service.
    2703 W. Division St., 60622; 773-278-6737; Mon-Fri 9am-6pm

Proposals voted on tonight:

  • Preamble (Blocked – 76 in favor, 20 opposed)
    • Stack:  should focus specifically on corporate interests in society
    • Off Topic:  want to see a lasting change, a few bills passed in congress won’t create this. Need to look at Article 5…
    • Stack:  Forum was useful in discussing topic & allowed for changes
    • Stack:  Verbiage is verbose, and should specifically call-out corporations
    • Stack:  Support because important that we understand that politically neutrality is impartiality to getting big changes
    • Stack:  We need to be more clear about our opposition to a 2-party system
    • Stack:  The world is looking to Chi. as the example outside of NY, we need to stop playing catchup and rushing things. Instead of voting, we need to have discussions and voting only on imperative issues.

Proposals announced to be discussed:

  • Propose we formally support WikiLeaks and Julian Assange, and demand the US and other nations lift restrictions
  • Need to focus on finding an alternative to the Fed for a basecamp, where we can succeed from the capitalistic system. Build a place to present successful living outside of the system. Including starting to grow our own food.
    • Stack:  GA is the most important thing we have that confirms “What Democracy looks like”. Need to remember why we are here.
    • Stack:  Different neighborhoods have organizations that setup land trusts to grow own food on empty lots. Investigate your area and find out how they do it. Then come back and share.
    • Stack:  Likes idea of growing own food, but need to stay in the streets also
    • Stack:  need an alternative space & likes idea of alternative society, but need to find a space to occupy, prepare ourselves for police resistance and stand firm
    • Stack:  need to decide if we want a space and prepared of potential ramifications
    • Stack:  need to have a serious discussion taking and holding a space as this will potentially be our first act of civil disobedience
    • Stack:  current problem is that new people don’t have a central place to go for info or get more involved. Political question versus legal, is if we have enough people will it not be worth their effort to stop occupation.
    • Stack:  need more people up at the current location at night
    • Stack:  with a  space we can have more education events and focused outreach
    • Stack:  how can we have tactics before we decide on preambles, grievances, demands…
    • Stack:  we need to differentiate between following police and saying that if they’re cool with us and only do what they have to keep their job, then we’re cool with them up until we can to keep our movement

    Vote to extend meeting by 15 min. (9:12pm)

  • Oct. 25th Food Access Summit with Michelle Obama & Rahm Emanuel will be in Chicago to address food deserts. Despite the large number of local groups growing food in the city, the only invited guests are CEO’s of large companies like Walmart. Advocates for Urban Agriculture are discussing having an alternative summit outside of this one to address what is happening locally and that large corporations coming into the neighborhoods is not the solution. Propose OC get involved.
    • Stack:  The Plant ( on S. 46th St. is a movement about food deserts. The building is self-sustainable and hires from within the community.
  • Heir to Johnson & Johnson (Jamie) created a documentary titled “1%” that includes info about FOX (Family Office Exchange), which is having their Fall Forum in Chicago at the JW Marriott at the corner of LaSalle & Adams on Oct. 17th-19th. Proposes we create a specific, structured action around this event, and promote for people from all over U.S. to join to show that we’re not backing down.
    • FOX committee formed, see Amanda if interested in getting involved
  • Proposes we make a statement to Dick Durbin’s comment about him not understanding Occupy, and calling him out on stupidity. Watch forum for discussion.