Day 17 – 7pm General Assembly Minutes


Occupy Chicago – 7pm GA Minutes
 10/9/11, 7pm – met at Jackson & LaSalle and began march to 500 Congress in front of Horse statue, 7:20 – arrived at Horse, 7:25 – GA began
Location: 500 E Congress in front of Horse Statue
Attendance Count: Roughly 80 heads (no formal head count taken)

Upcoming Event:
Mon., Oct 10th – 3:00pm Meet at the Fed to organize and march together (3:30pm) to join the Mass Mobilization to Take Back Chicago. There are multiple feeder marches around downtown that will all merge together, but a number of the Occupiers are joining Students Take Back Chicago assembly at Balbo & Michigan to march in protest of Mortgage Bankers Association event.


Votes Taken (See “Things Covered” Section for details):
PASSED – Website Content Procedure (all three items passed)


  • An occupier’s father in Michigan was skeptical of movement, until he read an article that changed is mind. It’s exciting to know that despite the media blackout, the news out Occupy Chicago is getting out and that it is making a difference. Keep up good work!
  • Ryan from Secretariat gave someone a sheet of paper with the contact info of someone who offered to do laundry for us. If you have it, please get back to him, so we can make sure to followup with offer.
  • The bag of fabric to make armbands with is missing, if found please return
  • Take Back Chicago needs help with signs/artwork for tomorrow’s marches, if you would like to help go to 1832 S. Halsted.
  • Office space has been donated to help get organized, could use Transportation Committee’s help moving supplies over on Monday.
  • If you would like an arm band see Katrina.

Proposals voted on tonight:

  • Website Content Procedure to ensure that the movement is appropriately represented at Voted in 5 parts.
    1.  To post within one of the categories listed on the right side of the home page you must get the post approved by 3 members of the appropriate committee.
    Note the current categories include: Announcements, Donations, Minutes, News, Opinion, Press, and Uncategorized. (Passed – unanimous)
    2.  To post to the home page, you must get the post approved by 3 members of the appropriate committee and 3 people who are not a part of that committee. (Passed -  61 favor / 6 opposed)
    Home page items are categorized as “Featured” on the right side list.
    3.  If a post receives 10 complaints against its presence on the website, it will be removed then it can be voted on at GA to be reposted. (Passed – unanimous)
    4.  Each committee will have at least one representative who will have publishing access. Let Andrew know who will be your representatives. (Passed – unanimous)
    5.  If there is a problem of someone abusing their right to publishing by not acquiring 3 or 6 votes, they will be dealt with by the appropriate committee. It is up to the committee to decide the best action to take (Passed – 1 opposed)
    • Stack:  infringes on freedom of speech of each individual, should maintain Bill of Rights within our group
    • Point of clarity:  anyone can post to the discussion/forum section of the website, this is the appropriate place for individual opinions that do not necessarily represent the movement as a whole
    • Stack:  the tech team has gotten many angry emails complaining about posts on the home page not repping entire group
    • Point of clarity:  you can submit an idea to any committee even if not a formal member
  •  Endorse & distribute an adaptation of the “Declaration of the Occupation of New York City“. (Passed, unaltered – 1 opposed) Please note, the language was changed in the formal proposal to reflect Chicago. Working to get final approved version to include on website.
    • Stack:  add- In solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, “before We, the Chicago General Assembly occupying… urge…”
      -originally a friendly amendment, then denied as feels the beginning passage already addresses solidarity
    • Stack:  remove section about student loans, as does not feel it is a human right to attend university
    • Stack:  reminds everyone that Occupy Wall St did not formulate this statement overnight, but rather began organizing months ago
    • Stack:  Requests to vote line by line for this statment
    • Stack:  Part of a global movement that did not start in NY and should knowledge that

Proposals announced to be voted at next 7pm GA:

  • Organize a specific committee to discuss official grievances and demands of Occupy Chicago.
    • Stack:  feels it is the responsibility of all occupiers to discuss and formulate demands, not a single group
    • Stack:  discussing during GA makes the process very long versus among a small group first then presenting to all
    • Stack:  Research Committee needs something to do, so could focus this
  • Creating a “smoking section” at headquarters & meetings, then making marches smoke-free.
    • Stack:  a number of the “workers” who stay over night are smokers, so they should be able to smoke if they want
    • Stack:  common courtesy should be used, so smokers should ask those around if they mind and if so step away from the group
    • Stack:  disagrees with proposal as it does not state where that specific section will be
    • Stack:  make it so “front line” of the protest is nonsmoking
    • Stack:  should like be an enforced rule, but rather informed to let people know everyone wants smokers to be conscious of the nonsmokers
  • Formalize a preamble that is said at the beginning of each GA to ensure a clear message to new comers. Potentially using the movement’s Declaration that was voted to be adopted from New York, but incorporating a statement of nonviolence and non-party affiliations.
    • Stack:  should be shorter
    • will formalize verbiage based on suggestions and add to website for voting

Please note, the Secretariat is working hard to ensure there are notes taken at every GA. While this hasn’t been the case for the last few days, we are correcting this by having the moderator announce who is taking minutes. If there is not a secretary present, volunteer!