Faces of the 99%


To those who have stumbled upon this movement and might be wondering just what it is we’re so outraged by (or, worse, those who have dismissed us with passing sneers of “just get a job already”), this site is a powerful visual reminder of what we’re fighting for, and has brought me to tears several times over the past week.

If you have any notions about this being nothing but a group of bored trust-fund babies too “lazy” to get a job and looking for something to complain about, a look at the above site may serve to help dispel that. It isn’t about any one age, race, political affiliation, religious belief or lack thereof, sexual orientation, or so on. It’s about all of us and the struggles many of us face just to get by. It’s about having compassion for the circumstances of others, rather than refusing to acknowledge the forces that may have led to those circumstances and simply dismissing the voices of those who have already been marginalized.

One of my favorite signs I’ve seen since I got involved with Occupy Chicago says something along these lines: “The 1% have the wealth. The 99% have each other.”