Phase II: Mobilization


Late Monday night, members of the CPD were ordered to crackdown on Occupy Chicago for non-compliance regarding issues of storage of supplies and donations and lack of mobility.  This crackdown greatly challenged the ability of Occupy Chicago to maintain functionality, community support, and individual participation.  For the first time, CPD warned that non-compliance would lead to citations and arrests.  It seems clear that the severity of this crackdown, given the mutual level of respect and cooperation between CPD and Occupy Chicago, was not an action taken directly by the CPD, but instead orders from above.

Occupy Chicago has shown the corrupt members of the Chicago hierarchy that the people are resilient, powerful and effective.  With the upcoming G8 and NATO summits, sure to attract thousands of protesters, scheduled to take place in Chicago in early 2012, along with the continual success of Occupy Chicago, the hierarchy is faced with a legitimate challenge to their corruption and greed.  This not only explains the reason for the crackdown, but indicates that those in power resistant to the changes brought by the international Occupy movements recognize our success and fear it will continue.  (It will!)

These developments have led the movement to initiate Phase II of Occupy Chicago.  Rather than turn to non-cooperation, conflict and aggression, we are taking this opportunity to mobilize and expand our movement around the city of Chicago.  We have already achieved great success in occupying the Federal Reserve, something that will continue, however, now is a crucial time of growth and development within the movement as we begin to occupy all of Chicago.

Mobilization gives us the benefit of expansion and decentralization.  While Occupy Chicago is symbolically centralized in the financial district outside the Federal Reserve, Phase II allows us to initiate other central hubs throughout the city and engage local communities and thus many more people.  Additionally, mobilization reinforces our reliance on universal leadership over having a central group of leaders.  We will rely on everyone to become leaders in their own way in order to successfully expand the movement and to cultivate and develop new leadership around the city.

We would like to note, that despite the threats of citation and arrest, members of the CPD have continued their efforts to communicate, accommodate and cooperate with Occupy Chicago.  We must take this opportunity to once again recognize and thank the CPD for their efforts.

Keep it up Chicago, we’ve had 13 days of growth, peace and community.  Celebrate, remember and recognize 13 days of success as we embark upon the next stage of this historical journey.  The financial district is occupied, now we become viral, as we realize the true goal of this movement; to occupy Chicago.