Day 14 – 7pm General Assembly Minutes


Occupy Chicago – 7pm GA Minutes
 10/6/11, 7pm – met at Jackson & LaSalle and began march to 500 Congress in front of Horse statue, 7:25 – arrived at Horse, 7:28 – GA began
Location: 500 E Congress in front of Horse Statue
Attendance Count: Roughly 200 heads (no formal headcount taken)



Ryan:  I am Ryan I will be your moderator tonight. I now call the GA to order

Roxanne will be livestreaming for now. Let Tech know if you can stream with 4g phone

GA Procedure will now be explained. Announcements will be 2 minutes each. Proposals will be 5 minutes each. People can speak on proposal after (get on stack). Kelvin will be the stacker, line up behind Kelvin if you want to be on stack. Each Proposal will be given 15 minutes total. The time limits will be strictly enforced this evening. I need a time keeper, who will be the time keeper?… If you go over time and refuse to give up the microphone, you will no longer be put on stack. I will now explain the hang signals. Sparkle fingers upwards means you like what the speaker is saying. Sparkle fingers forwards means you think what the speaker is saying is okay. Sparkle fingers downwards means you don’t like what the speaker is saying. A triangle formed by both your hands means off topic or point of order.

Few things to begin, we are a peaceful, nonviolent movement. This is a strictly alcohol/drug free area, if you wish to consume these items, please go home. Please respect the buddy system and always have a buddy when you deviate from the group. Tomorrow we will have info sheets available.


Ricky: I’m with the college outreach section of the outreach committee. We will have 5pm college marches everyday around the downtown colleges. They will begin at the fed.

Also, next Wednesday there will be a 5pm meeting at Roosevelt University at 430 N. Michigan where students from the university can meet and learn from people from Occupy Chicago.

Also want to request people to for video editing and to make fliers for colleges

Ryan: Clarification: Agenda items must be submitted to the secretariat at least an hour before the GA.

99: Yesterday in NYC 20,000 people marched around the streets of NY for 8 hours.

Also, this afternoon a couple of us met with Richard Trumpka of the AFL-CIO to ask him this question – “To what extent do you support our movement and what will you do to back up that support”. He said that he was willing to offer union halls, supplies, and members for our events.”

On another note, we need a place to store things, so anyone who can help please come up here.

Michael: I come as a representative of the generation that fucked it all up, but I come here today to offer support.

I also want to announce a Chicago area peace action on Thursday 11/13 7pm – 935 W. Fullerton of documentary “Inside Jon”.

Patrick: I have written a grievance and posted it on the discussion forum online. The grievance related to US overseas intervention. Please check out the criticisms and feedback online.

John: I have 3 small things. We are growing, gaining support, Teamsters president released a statement saying that “Occupy Wall St. gaining support… American dream has disappeared… will offer 1.4 million in support of us.

Josh: Hello everyone. In order to grow we need social media. We want revolution to reach all corners of the world. Please start posting on facebook and twitter to spread the world. More Chicagoans need to know. Come talk to me to learn how to get more social media publicity.

T: We have been doing great. In 14 days, we have 20,000 internet followers, 1,500 a day to follow movement, great job. 1 in 50 Americans know about our movement. We have gotten $3,200 in donations, none of it spent. Thanks everyone for your help.

Ryan: Announcements have now concluded.


Brit: 1st proposal – to change 3pm GA to noon, multiple GA’s to deal w/ crisis. Occupation is 24/7, assembly times must reflect schedule. Allows important things that come up overnight to be dealt with in a timely matter. Also allows for more time in between GA’s to work on things.

Stack: I like the idea of shifting GA earlier but suggest 10:30am or 1:30pm to avoid high pedestrian traffic.

Stack: 1:30pm better, 2nds proposal. Believes it can better get colleges involved.

Stack: Supports 1:30 time. Observes that not as many attending 3pm right now.

Ryan: The proposal has now been amended to 1:30 by consensus. The vote to move first GA to 1:30 has passed with one objection.

Ryan: We will now move on to next proposal.

Evelyn: For 2 weeks people and have been asking us to approach and reach out to committees to come up with concrete policy demands. I will read the list of demands as separate proposals. We will not vote on it tonight. Please check the online discussion forums on the website for more details. The proposals are:

  1. Pass house resolution – Glass-Steagal Act
  2. Repeal Bush era taxcuts
  3. Investigate/prosecute Wall St. people responsible for the 2008 financial crisis
  4. Reverse the Citizen’s United ruling
  5. Pass Buffet rule on millionaires and close tax loop holes.
  6. Revamp the SEC (Securities exchange Commission)
  7. Remove influences of lobbyists in congress so that no resolutions by lobbyists will be brought up in congress.
  8. Eliminate government congress members who have conflict of interests with various corporations.
  9. Eliminate corporate personhood
  10. Campaign Finance reform
  11. Forgive student loans.

Stack: Add amendment to change the salary of congressman from 6 figures to median income

Evelyn: We encourage people to read the demands and vote on them tomorrow night.

Ryan: We will now call on individual committee members so that you can identify and talk to them… I now call to the question of adjourning the meeting. But before we do that

Stack: I just came from LA and wanted to stay that Occupy LA stands in solidarity with you all.

Ryan: The meeting is hereby adjourned.