Day 14 – 3pm General Assembly Minutes


Occupy Chicago – 3pm GA Minutes
 10/6/11, 3pm
Location: Jackson & LaSalle
Attendance Count: Roughly 60 heads (no formal head count taken)



-Review of hand signals (hands up-excellent; hands in the middle—level; hands down—disagree; hands in triangle—off topic); ground rules (be mindful of where you are, leave space for passersby; clean up after yourself; this is a drug/alcohol free zone)


Richard Trumka, president of the United Steel Workers, is visiting Chicago. RIGHT NOW. He’s giving a presentation that ends at 4. Show up at 3:45 if you want to invite him here.

Mario, from the Education Committee, after the GA, if you want to meet and talk about the Education Committee, talk to him afterward.

-Professors from the University of Chicago that may be interested in giving lectures, also. Interest? Yes, there’s interest. Keep an ear out for that.

-Corey informed us yesterday that the University of Chicago is inviting us to speak to large group of students on Wednesday. If you’re interested in speaking, talk to Corey.

-Anyone on the Education Committee, some grad students from Loyola University are going to be here to talk to us on philosophy of civil disobedience. More information on specifics forthcoming.



Maurice: I have before you today, my ideas about what it is we want to change. It’s on campaign and election reform. Campaign and election reform is critical to our causes and needs as a people. Elections are bought and paid for by corporations. Any concessions our opposition makes to any other demands will be overturned abruptly in the next administration, if not sooner, if we can not prevent the corporations from picking and choosing our candidates for us. We need to level the playing field and allow real candidates that represent the majority of the people to aggressively compete against the corporate interests. To ensure lasting positive change I propose the following:

  1. All broadcasted campaign advertisements will be conducted on public broadcasting networks only (NPR and PBS).
  2. Candidates will not be allowed to buy airtime on any television network or radio network at all. Other television networks will not be allowed to run campaign ads even to discuss them, but may refer to them and discuss them in conversation.
  3. Candidates will not be allowed to take out advertisements on billboards, in newspapers, magazines or any other publication.
  4. Candidates that violate the rules will be disqualified from the race.
  5. Networks that air campaign commercials will have their licenses revoked and shut down immediately for a week on the first occurrence, a month on the second a year on the third and indefinitely upon the fourth violation.
  6. All advertisements submitted to NPR and PBS will receive equal air play and be of equal length.
  7. Advertisements can be played on social media, such as, but not limited to Facebook and Myspace, but all candidates must get equal time or representation.
  8. All candidates will be responsible for the creation, management and maintenance of their own website and they must have only one. Their websites are forbidden to collect any personal data from any and all visitors and forbidden from collecting donations.
  9. During the campaign, all candidates, besides the incumbent, are forbidden to travel by air. All candidates must travel, by foot, bicycle, motor vehicle or train.
  10. No corporate contributions can be made to any candidate prior to, during or after any campaign. Violations to this rule are treasonous and will be treated as such.
  11. XXX,XXX Signatures? Candidates must personally get a certain number of signatures for their campaign depending on the office.
  12. No filing fees shall be imposed upon any candidate by any state for any reason.
  13. Candidates will be required to post their FULL resume on their respective web sites. If there are major proven discrepancies, the candidate will be disqualified from the race.
  14. All online donations will be made though a centralized website that will monitor all online donations made to a campaign. This will be the only way to donate online to any candidate’s campaign.

Maurice Goulding 312-933-5010

QUESTIONS: How does your proposal affect media discussions on private networks? They still will be talking about it, but this proposal places limitations that will level the playing field. Will it be helpful to boycott corporations that are against the interests of the 99%. If a publication does an interview with a candidate, what would the rules be there…Is this an infringement in free speech? Unclear; perhaps if a network wants to interview a candidate, then they must interview all candidates. Would it be more efficient to mandate that all advertisements be instead publically funded? Everyone has access to PBS/NPR, it will send people to those sources. How would we address the fact that capitalism and corruption go hand in hand? The root of corruption is greed, and so when we the people see greed, we have to stop it.

AMENDMENTS:  No amendments proposed. Contact Maurice, you can find his information on He will also be here from 7 am to 9 pm tomorrow if you’d like to speak to him in person; 4:30 he will hold a group meeting to discuss this further.


After the 3PM GA yesterday, we marched downtown specifically past the college campuses, and I propose that we do this every day after the 3 PM GA.


1)      We will shift the 3PM GA to either 1 PM or 11AM so people can get work on proposals done in between the two. If it passes, then we will choose between 1 and 11.

2)      One hour before each GA, a Secretariat member will be present so that anyone can submit a proposal to the agenda.

3)      We will start holding daily or bi-daily facilitator training to ensure that we will always have more people trained to effectively facilitate.


Michael: The 99% go into the holiday season joyously by not spending money.


This corner is to be sponsored by McDonalds. I propose creating an ad-hoc working group to change the focus of our corner for the marathon? I will be there right afterward if you are interested in discussing this further and assigning some tasks. The runners should be coming through here at about 7:45. If you have any green fabric for arm bands that the runners can wear to support us. Some environmentalists are planning on protesting the two coal plants in Chicago during the marathon.


Directly after GA, there will be a group meditation. Arts & Recreation Committee will be having a meeting after that.

Be here tomorrow, be here this weekend, be here Monday. Tomorrow, there will be many student organizations coming to march with us. There is also an anti-war protest at noon on Saturday at Michigan and Congress. We will meet here at 10:30 to get ourselves organized. And then the after-party will be at Jackson and LaSalle, the anti-war group will come join us. Lots and lots and LOTS of unions, workers, and us will be crashing the bankers party at the Art Institute, probably 4 PM on Monday. Five or six thousand people will be there. One convergence point is going to be at the Hyatt Regency (INTERSECTION), at about 3:45 or 4, there will be a couple hundred people who will then march to the Art Institute.

Maurice has been talking with Progressive Talk Radio, trying to do two check-ins with them per day. Hoping to rotate people through. Talk to him if you are interested in getting involved, this will be managed by the Press Liaison Committee.

We need to get more information on the many ways to get involved, newcomers want a place to get more information. There is a Welcoming Committee, which should fall under this issue. We’re working on it. Help out! More on this soon. Also, take initiative! We can be a movement of leaders.

Other websites have the information about the other groups’ protests. We are trying to streamline this, get more of that information (events, etc) on the Facebook page. and have more information on these events, also.

At 4 PM, Kelvin will be having a discussion on Housing and Security under the gold sign. This conversation will be about what we can do in the long run about the fact that the police are currently making us be mobile, what ways we can secure a public space.

Civil disobediences: setting up a place where we can start discussing civil disobedience action. What we are waiting for numbers. We may not need large numbers, it just needs to be well-timed, well-organized and nonviolent. Kelvin will include discussion of civil disobedience actions in the discussion at 4 PM under the gold sign.

Vigil is beginning right now, will continue until Saturday at noon, Coalition against the War in Afghanistan. Talk to Magda for further information.

There are more fliers if you want to get some to hand out or post. Outreach Committee and everyone, you can get some at any point, starting right after the GA.

News from Rio de Jenero: The Occupy Movement has been on the front page of newspapers there. Dominick is here for 2 hours to discuss dealing with internal issues. Find him, talk to him!


We are a nonviolent movement. Period. If you hear any talk about violent action, talk to your peers so we can diffuse the issue before it gets out of hand.

The planter isn’t ours. We cannot put anything in it, even momentarily. And, pick up any trash you see. The police are getting on us about these issues.