Day 13 Update – 7pm General Assembly Minutes


Occupy Chicago – 7pm GA Minutes
 10/5/11, 7pm – met at Jackson & LaSalle and began march to 500 Congress in front of Horse statue, 7:25 – arrived at Horse, 7:28 – GA began
Location: 500 E Congress in front of Horse Statue
Attendance Count: Roughly 145 heads (no formal head count taken)


Important Dates

  • Oct. 6th – 10:30am Press Conference for U.S./NATO Out of Afghanistan NOW! at Obama 2012 National Campaign Headquarters. OC speaker.
  • Oct. 6th – 5pm Thorpe Homes & Affordable Housing is having a hearing of what the neighborhood needs.
  • Oct. 6th – 7:30pm Puppet making class, 3148 W. 63rd St.
  • Oct. 7th – 7pm Invited to local rabbi’s temple, until 7pm Sat. 1545 W. Morse St.
  • Oct. 7th – 12pm Chicago Jobs with Justice responds to the unemployment stats released and call for creation of a jobs program paid for by Wall St. & wealthy individuals, march follows. 100 W. Randolph
  • Oct. 7th – 6pm Local grievances group at the Fed.
  • Oct. 8th – 10am-6pm Training, leadership & civil disobedience training at 300 S. Ashland Ave.
  • Oct. 8th – 12pm U.S. Out of Afghanistan NOW! rally & walk
    10:30am meet at the Fed to organize and get green armbands
    11am marching to the rally (Michigan Avenue & Congress Pkwy)
    12pm Rally (
    1pm march past Obama 2012 National Campaign Headquarters
  • Oct. 8th & 9th – Free sign making with StandUp! Chicago
  • Oct. 9th – 7:45am Marathon runs by the Fed
  • Oct 10th – 4pm Mass Mobilization to Take Back Chicago, joining the feeder march for Students Take Back Chicago (Balbo & Michigan) to march to the Chicago Institute to protest Mortgage Bankers Assocation

Votes Taken (See “Things Covered” Section for details):
TABLED – Vote on End of Unconstitutional Wars Grievance – until it is reworded again to incorporate comments


  • Contacted by ABC, CBS, MSNBC, Daily Show, Colbert Report
  • 5pm daily marches (M-F) targeting college campuses
  • 10/29 Capital Building, Washington, D.C. – Free Speech Event hosted by the Coffee Party open forum, & proposes rep from Occupy Chi and other Occupy movements speak. 10/31 group marches to Congress to present list of citizens’ demands. Want to include national Occupy demands.
  • ANSWER Chicago rep says 20k people marched with Occupy Wall St. against police brutality and in solidarity. Keep holding ground.
  • After 7pm Friday GA, one rep from each committee should stay behind to provide at least one primary contact and types of actions taken by group
  • Outreach committee, union/org group has begun its call center to address many support letters received. See Hawk if interested in making calls.


  • Represented revision of End of Unconstitutional Wars Grievance
    Our nation continues to spend the majority of its budget on military interventions overseas.  At present, America has troops stationed in 130 countries around the world. We cannot afford this economically or relationally. America should not intervene in other nation’s problems with a military presence. We demand a noninterventionist foreign policy just as our founding fathers recommended.  Our military should strictly be used to defend our land and its people.  We fundamentally disagree with the concept that we must fight our enemies abroad to avoid fighting them here – more often than not, our overseas interventions are the primary recruiting mechanism of extremist groups. We demand that our nation immediately begin the responsible withdrawal of all overseas troops.
    • Voted:  93 favor / 25 opposed – DOES NOT PASS
    • Add “stop militarism and imperialism” not just interventionist
    • Change “majority of its budget” to an actual number & percentage
    • Remove “founding fathers” (they were racist slave owners…)
    • Off Topic:  Huge aspect of military budget is nuclear energy which is dangerous, all tall buildings in IL should have wind turbines
    • Wars are the greatest transfer of wealth from working class to the elite & corporations. Exonn, Haliburton… all gain financially
    • Include lives lost (including innocent civilians) as cost of war
    • Owe a debt to countries destroyed
    • What is “responsible withdraw”? Sounds nationalistic and this is a global movement
    • As stated, does not care about genocide or other major issues where stepping in may be necessary
    • Needs a clear and concise definition of “intervention”
    • Each nation is unique, before helping out we must reverse our own corruptions in all way
    • Believes in global disarmament, melt all weapons
    • Problem with disbanding all bases around the world is that some places (dealing with famine…) rely on the U.S. bases; if nation asks we must stay, if nation says leave then go
    • Ignores how our government provides funding to countries
    • Does not address how the money will be spent, suggests in the U.S. on healthcare, housing…
    • Shift focus from war & military spending to world peace
    • Split foreign policy into 2 grievances (long-term & current)
  • Voting Procedure Proposal – currently discussions extend on so less people can participate because of time constraints. Broken into 6 sections:
    1.  All decisions should be made by 3 to 4 voting (75%)
    2.  All proposals should have equal time presented
    3.  Proposal should be stated in briefest way possible
    4.  Equal time to address & speak for or against proposal
    5.  Once agreed upon, the vote should be called and no additional vote
    6.  If implemented item is not working, resubmit a different proposal to revisit
    • Many people addressed before vote, tabled because of a lack of time
    • Likes 9/10’s super majority
    • Print & pass out proposals ahead of time
    • Very difficult to pass anything with 9/10, consider 80/85%
    • Vote to extend meeting and finish topic – 13 opposed, so topic tabled

Next 7pm GA Agenda:

  • Military Grievance
  • Voting Procedure
  • Rewording of Grievance #2
  • Proposal to change 3pm to an earlier time