Day 12 Update – 10am Emergency General Assembly

Occupy Chicago – 10am Emergency GA Minutes
Date / Time: 10/4/2011 10am
Location: Jackson and LaSalle

  1. Press release concerning staying mobile and moving.
  2. Housing
  3. Everyone needs the National Lawyers guild hotline: 773-309-1198

Moderator: Evelyn
Press Release:

  • Reads press release.
    • Move or risk citation or Arrest.
    • Cannot remain stationary.
      • We must mobilize. Locate different places. Remain mobile.
        • Plan of action decides at emergency GA at 2:30 last night:
          • comply with police. Mobile occupation carts.
          • The movement will become mobile.
        • In light of this we need box truck
          • Someone volunteers one.
      • Stack: Storage question: how far away?
        • Ideally what we are looking for is one in west loop that can serve both as warming center and storage.
      • Stack: Question: have we spoken with lawyers?
        • Yes we have.
        • We plan to stay here.
      • Stack: committee to plan civil disobedience in resposne?
      • Stack: Dick Riley, Chicago independent media.
        • Existing law is moving picket line.
        • Congressional hotel example
        • Must have stategy to park stuff until you have the numbers to force it.
        • Anti-war March will bring a thousand people on Saturday.
        • Idea is that there is a presence here.
        • Maintaining visibility is the Key.
      • Stack: outreach committee is on this and should handle the discussion of civil disobedience. Strategy must stay together.
      • Stack: I get that we can’t do small movements? What can we do now to keep it legal?
      • Stack: our current tactic is not sustainable. We will stay here but our stuff will not. We will be organized and patient. We will not be seen as rabble rousers.
  • Housing
    • Stack: What is our housing situation?
    • Stack: Organizing our presence.
      • Movement center called Grace place. Church that headquarters a number of organizations. Three stories. We should get in touch with them. [This solves problem post meeting].
      • Must work out the schedule for a permanent presence. This is the most important thing. The whole world knows about it. It is not the presence of our sleeping bags, but us that counts.
  • Other:
    • Stack: Watch out for people who are trying to incite violence.
    • Stack: question: is there a plan for scheduled marches.
      • Housing it is up to us. Marches outreach committee plans it.
    • Stack: Putting the minutes online. Read minutes and disseminate this information.
    • Stack: One of the things we have a big issue about is a number of homeless people who are not part of the movement taking advantage of our materials.
    • Stack: Cab drivers union offers help with transportation.
    • Stack: Everyone needs the National Lawyers guild hotline: 773-309-1198
    • Stack: “Homeless problem” discussion. The homeless are our comrades, we need not disparage them.
    • Stack: Whatever the workshop is tonight, can someone take the minutes?