Day 10 Update – 7pm General Assembly Minutes


Occupy Chicago – 7pm GA Minutes
Date/Time: 10/2/11, 7:15pm – Started March, 7:32 – Started GA at Horse Statue, 7:40 – Started time after 75min GA vote was passed, 8:45 – Meeting adjourned
Location: Marched from SE corner of Jackson & LaSalle to GA site – Horse statue at NE corner of 500 Congress
Attendance Count: 140 heads

Important Dates:
  • Oct 8th march US/NATO out of Afghanistan (12 noon, Michigan Ave & Congress Parkway) for more info visit
  • 8/30 on 10/5/11 – Alley Cats Meeting

Votes Taken (See “Things Covered” Section for details):

  • PASSED – Vote to set GAs at 75mins
  • PASSED – Vote to support Oct 8th march – Unanimous Yes
Things Covered:
  • Head count
  • Greetings
  • Demonstration of procedure & selection of stack volunteers
  • Announcement of non-violent movement
  • New Topic - Vote to set GAs at 75mins
    • PASSED
    • Volunteer timed GA from this vote forward
  • New Topic - Stick to format.  Explanation of format – group repeats short sentence of speaker (human mic)
  • New Topic - Dennis/Nicole from Outreach Committee informed GA that OcupyChi has been invited to lend our support to the Oct 8th US/NATO out of Afghanistan – the Outreach Committee will take suggestions/work out details
    • Stack - Outreach Committee will also lead a discussion to clarify language for new people about what OccupyChi is about
    • Vote to support Oct 8th march – Unanimous Yes
  • Off topic addition - Indiana gentleman challenged us to be informed and to get 1 person to come with us next time
  • New Topic - A group that stayed Fri night come up with a new way to make GAs more efficient – Secretariat Committee will present proposal tomorrow
  • New Topic - Bike fliering group will be meeting at 8:30 on Weds – come talk to them if you’re interested in participating in the group
  • New Topic - Question – how do/who do ideas for making GAs more efficient get suggested/passed on to?
    • Stack - Calvin & Gabe started committee & online forums to get GAs organized
    • Stack - Suggestion – each committee announces their next meeting time at each GA
  • New Topic - Initiative/Leadership & What we do – we do not have leaders in our movement; we are a movement of leaders – take part in discussions
    • Stack - Formal proposal about Facilitators – not a legislative body or authority – they are there to answer questions of occupiers/police/passersby and sending people with ideas to the appropriate committee – they coordinate with each other and 2 or 3 will be on site at all times
      • Anyone who goes out of their way to know things are facilitators
      • This was NOT voted on and there is some dissension to the idea
  • New Topic - We are the 99% is our slogan – consider those specific positions pertaining to the majority of people being effected by these problems when creating our platform for media
    • Stack - Our most important goal is education and discussion – all personal ideas should be discussed – Don’t exclude so early
  • New Topic  - relate agreements that were come to at 3pm GAs during the 7pm GAs – GAs are not forums for general discussion – there are many other places for this – GAs are for voting on formal written proposals – if we get through all proposals in a GA before the 75mins is up we will then opening for other discussion topics
    • Stack - We need to finalize our list of grievances asap
    • Stack - Secretariat Committee (Rose) announced not only will we be proposing a more efficient GA setup tomorrow but also putting together an Information Booth
  • General Announcements by Sugar – If you need to sleep then sleep; Port-o-potties are located at Quincy & LaSalle; If you’re interested download an app on 1st Aid; Make sure to eat; For safety’s sake use the buddy system especially when traveling off site; Issues with order/people out of control - find a police officer as they are with us and we represent them too; Don’t put anything in planters at HQ – legal issue; No chalk or stickers on property/sidewalks – llegal issue; Leave walkway space open – legal issue; No sleeping - legal issue; Smokers no cig butts on the ground – find a container – and respect the group by walking away from gatherings to smoke; Everyone should be throwing out garbage; Be nice – you represent the group; Want more info or to join a committee go to the Tech Tent/Info Booth; Acknowledged National Lawyers Guild who is working with CPD
  • Back to Topic - Organizing more efficient GAs – proposal for order of events at GAs – 3pm – clear up any questions about committees and then do announcements; 7pm - Formal written proposals are presented/voted on
    • Stack - As this grows not everyone can attend the 3pm GAs so announcements about Health/Safety/Info are essential
    • Stack - Discussions need to be made in committees & communication streamlined
    • Stack - If you are disabled, illiterate or in some other way unable to write a formal proposal find someone on that committee to help you
    • Stack - Info Booth will help facilitate announcements as we can keep some of that info there
    • Stack - Suggestion – Make Health/Safety/Info announcements in 1st or last 10 minutes of GAs
  • New Topic - Social Media update - $1500 in donations, 5500 twitter followers in 13 days, we’ve been contacted by many news outlets in US & Internationally such as CNN, ABC, BBC, New York Times, Al Jazeera
  • New Topic - Announced list of different committees that are being formed – Food & Organization Committee (needs more people), Secretariat Committee, Outreach Committee, Housing Committee (needs more people), Arts & Recreation Committee (needs more people), Education Committee – dedicated to sharing information of the people with specific knowledge of what’s going on with others/new comers, Tech Committee - They handle the website and such, Press Liaison Committee, Security & Safety Committee – in charge of keeping sidewalks clear and making sure site is safe (has NO people)
    • We also need people to stay by the Tech Tent & Tech Tent is now called the Info/1st Aid Tent
  • New Topic - Tech Committee (Nick) announced that they’re getting lots of great photos & videos but nothing is being organized online – anyone taking photos or video or organizing the forums should meet by the horse after GA is finished
    • Stack - You can upload photos to Flickr and tag OccupyChi and they will show up in our gallery
    • Stack - Forums being setup so if you have a new topic to add talk to Andrew or Lenny
    • Stack - If you see a cool photo/video online FB or tweet them – this movement will only succeed if we go viral
  • New Topic - (James) Not everyone has a bike/car or can walk – proposed a Transportation Committee to work with Cabs and Bike Cabs to take folks short distances
  • New Topic - Save pizza boxes & cardboard for sidewalk displays
  • New Topic - Pointers for staying warm – Avoid wearing cotton; Bring extra layers; avoid sitting on cement at night; Wear head protection
    • Stack - Don’t forget under armor/long underwear
    • Stack - Don’t use a blanket as a pillow because then someone else doesn’t have a blanket – use some clothes or a bag, etc.
    • Stack - Restorative Yoga for those sleeping on concrete – proposal should go to Arts & Recreation Committee
    • Stack - For people concerned about their feet shoes were donated and can be found at HQ
    • Stack - There are also extra hats, scarves and gloves at HQ – but we’ll need more soon
    • Stack - If you’re located in Chicago and have a car or access to a car and are willing those staying on site will need help with laundry soon – Talk to Food & Organization Committee
  • New Topic - Made proposal of new wording for Tax Grievance, Outlaw loopholes such as corporate tax havens and tax breaks for shipping jobs overseas which allow those who should pay the largest share to pay the smallest, New tax brackets for those making over a given $$ amount (amount still being discussed – maybe $1million)
    • We’ll vote on this proposal later – just start thinking about it
    • Stack - Some research done seems to suggest that $500000 would be a good number for the higher tax bracket
    • Stack - Our current tax system is Income Tax System – there are other variations to be considered such as the Purple and Fair Tax Systems
  • New Topic - Medics on site should be there to handle medical emergencies
    • Stack - Proposed Medic Committee
    • Stack - Not specifics of individuals but individual nature of movement
  • New Topic - Proposed putting the agenda on a pizza box for GAs so everyone can see and discuss specific issues in groups
  • New Topic - Reminder that we’re no longer submitting new proposals at GAs
  • New Topic - Keep energy alive, say what you feel and put the word out there