Day 10 Update – 3pm General Assembly


The following is a minute taken by the secretariat team during today’s 3pm General Assembly.

Date/Time: 10/2/11, 3pm
Location: Jackson & LaSalle
Attendance Count: 175 heads
Media Attendance: Journalist from Wallstreet Journal
Votes Taken (See “Things Covered” Section for details):
  • MOTION TO TABLE PASSED – Conflict resolution committee within the group
  • VOTE PASSES (4 nos) – No topic may be proposed without prior discussion and a formal written proposal

Things Covered:

  • Greetings
  • Demonstration of procedure
  • New Topic - Pledge for dominant members of the group.  They are a resource, but not a legislative body.  However organization is key as we grow.
  • New Topic - Someone from Occupy Wallstreet proposed idea for broad inclusiveness – Go in a circle and shout out where you’re from.
  • New Topic - Health/Safety announcements:
    • If someone needs to sleep or eat remind them to do so
    • Safety issues – Use the buddy system
    • Sleeping is not allowed at HQ – against Chicago laws
  • New Topic - October 8th Rally to end war in Afghanistan – in front of Obama campaign headquarters
    • Anti-War coalition recognizing the Occupy movement
  • New Topic - Voting issues presented to be voted on at 7pm GA
    • Press release
    • Press conference on Thursday – movement or representative
    • We are not against one person
  • New Topic - Open issues to vote on
    • Conflict resolution committee within the group
    • De facto leadership – centralization of decision making Powers make a tyranny
    • GAs should be well thought out ideas.  Use the discussion forum on the site to talk through ideas.
      • Stack - Proposal to make a check-in for people to leave their name online & at meetings so we have a count of them and can count their vote.
    • Vote taken – No topic may be proposed without prior discussion and a formal written proposal.
      • VOTE PASSED (4 nos)
  • New Topic - Be aware of “fake” websites
  • New Topic - Problem of awareness that Occupy movement is happening – everyone go out and tell others.
  • New Topic - Tech team – forums are improving daily and should be used for discussion.  The format is a blog. If you want to contribute, join the tech committee.  Other ways to be heard – email group.  This is a non-violent movement so no violent posts.
  • New Topic - Sidewalk chalk is a violation of city code.  Only using it for organizational purposes not for messages about movement or voicing opinion.
  • New Topic - To help with names use name tags – in the Information and First Aid Center tent.
  • New Topic - Everyone should bring their own eating/drinking vessels to limit trash/help environment.  Everyone must keep space clean including cigarette butts on the ground.  Trash and other bins are labeled so use them.
  • New Topic - Proposed written rules and procedures.