Occupy Diary


To One and All,

I want to talk about a new direction my life has taken.

And the feeling that I am exactly where I need to be.
The knowledge that there is a monumental task at hand, but people I can trust are by my side.

That I am not alone.

I want to talk about coming home.
I am astonished at synchronistic majesty – miraculous meetings of kindred souls.
In other words, I want to talk about Occupy Chicago.

No one need worry;
This movement is blessed.
You blessed it.
By suffering.
And loving.
And waiting…
For this to happen.

But We need You. All of You.

Chicago, join us at Jackson and LaSalle for a reunion of family.
Souls living elsewhere, Occupy Elsewhere.

Hold love in your hearts and balance in your minds.
With your unconquerable spirit, bring light to a dark wasteland.
We will see Peace.
A United Humanity.

Be there to dance in the streets when the moment comes -
We’ll know it when we see it.

Love & Solidarity,