Yearly Archives: 2011

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Propsing a novel that embodies the struggle of the Occupy movement: The Last Man, a novel by W.C. Turck. On the success of the play Occupy My Heart, which raised badly needed funds for Occupy, Turck is willing to offer 100% of the commission of the first  5000 ebooks sold to benefit Occupy Chicago as part of an Occupy The Arts effort. 5000 books gets Occupy on the bestseller lists and makes headline news.

The play changed the narrative about the movement and drew national media attention. This book continues that effort and more.

The book tells the story of a man on trial in a world ruled by a single corporation. The environmentally friendly ebook would be priced under $2, making it very affordable while helping to provide badly needed funds for the movement. This would be everyone’s chance to support the movement as a community, read a great book that examines what would happen in a world controlled by corporations, steal the headlines, compete with books from the Right-wing and Occupy the Arts!

Let’s hear what this great community has to say. Your support and feedback is critical.