1/21/12 GA Minutes

Moderator- Justin
Notes- Djana
25ppl in attendance

Justin opens the meeting at 8p

Committee Announcements

Secretariat meeting Sunday 1/22 6p, rm 501 Cermak.  Agenda for the rest of the week and discussing how Cermak will be used.

Sunday Open House 5-9p

Arts and Rec- Kick Off for February Arts Collective on 2/24/12

Brian from Organizational Comm stresses to reach them use text and phone calls over email.

Education announces teach in Sunday 1/22 3p at Cermak.  "Precarious Workers"

Direct Action announces meeting Sunday 12-2, Cermak, 5th Flr

Calls For Assistance

Sugar calls for volunteers needed to read and be recorded for the OccupyWallSt State of the Union Video project.

Anyone who witnessed the arrest during the Sit Down Shut Up action please prepare a statement and contact McFuzz@gmail.com or 773 882-7272.  He has been charged with a Felony.


Sugar is looking for support for an Fundraiser for OC.  It is a Burlesque show at Underground Lounge, 925 W Newport (Wrigleyville), 10p, Fri 1/27.  She is seeking endorsement, much like the event at Reggie's.  Jerry from NLG will be performing.  All door monies are to be donated to OC.  All performers are volunteering.  Sugar is donating the $50 door fee to the club.  We stress this event is 21andUp.
There is some discussion about not following point of order here, whether we should vote on the proposal now, or wait for next GA.  There is possibly a special circumstance since Hawk got stuck in the snow, he was unable to make the proposal at last night's GA as intended.  The issue is temp checked and the proposal is passed.

*Enjoy what you have.  Hope for what you lack.

Proposal to adopt the "Chicago Principles" modified from the St Paul Principles and the Pittsburgh Principles to their current form - regarding how to struggle together even if we disagree about tactics... A commitment to supporting other groups within the cause and keeping strife internal.  Extensive discussion on the topic with references to the 'Who We Are' document the censorship of posts on the website the belief that we should stand with CanG8 concern over worst case scenarios in regard to the violent tactics of other groups a commitment to OC's non violent stance.

Open Discussion about Cermak Maintenance Issues;
Organizational Committee's responsibilities at Cermak?
Access to the Space, Who, How, When
Remember more stuff means less people can legally occupy the space.  Keep it pertinent.
More Bike Racks Needed
Snow Shoveling?
1 P.O.C. from each committee with access
Security at the door
We can't run wires in the building
Intercom w/ wireless system which doesn't require a live person for access...
Org. comm can help provide a 24 hr presence and there is a push for a meeting to discuss their stance towards the new space.
As far as security- 700 is seen as more of an open space with the 5th floor to be more secure with less general access, though of course it is open for meetings and teach-ins etc.
Surveillance Security System?
Landline needed to use the buildings built in system for buzzing people in.
Don't Prop the Downstairs Door Open!
Should there be a Cell Phone dedicated to the space?
Should 700 be 7/24, 12 hours a day...?
Should there be a separate Org Comm for Cermak
The Internal Coordination Committee is defunct
1st come, 1st served on the scheduling of the space
Will the Org Comm be handling access and donations?
Should the Committee running access and donations at Cermak be in charge of who has access to the space, and when?
No Sleeping in the Space
These issues needing to be presented to a larger GA
If we limit access to the space we make it harder for people wanting to donate their time on their schedules.
We need to be aware of the Fire Code as to occupancy #'s of the space.
Goods donated to Cermak can also be used for Occupying Homes.
We still have 2 storage units, but none in the Cermak bldg.
BeWare of the potential for BEDBUGS in donated items.  Especially fabric based items like couches, mattresses, clothing...

Getting a Van- using it to help occupy an outdoor space 24 hours a day, not necessarily at HQ, possibly the Mayor's office for example...  The belief that average Chicagoans would find this inspiring.

Brian mentions a space he used to go to the "Autonomous Zone" and voices concern over letting the space gain a 'certain vibe' that might not be welcoming to all in regard to art and music and use of the space and a reminder to remember the space is inclusive of a lot of people and beliefs.  again a reminder that openness vs crowdedness on furniture and such in the space is the way to go.

GA officially ends here, but i want to add that as we were leaving a neighbor tenant came to complain that Occupy had damaged his Studio sign with tape.  As our signs were hung, directing people from the elevator to 700, someone taped a sign to his Studio sign.  When he removed the tape his sign was damaged.  Though he agreed replacing the sign was not necessary, it was the lack of consideration that concerned him.  Please don't touch anything in the building that does not directly belong to Occupy.  Respect the Space!


Saturday, January 21, 2012 - 7:30pm