1/16/12 GA Minutes

Moderator- Ryan
Stack- Thomas and __________
Notes- Djana

7:15p Ryan opens the meeting

Talia from Occupy Oakland sang an Occupy Mic Check song and she was Great!


Education Committee -  There's a teach-in Saturday the 21st at a location to be announced, possibly Cermak - How to Organize "Precarious" Workers- (Undocumented, Underpaid, Unemployed)

Occupy Rogers Park and Occupy South Side announce Sit Down & Shut Up Action at City Hall Tues 17th at 8am 2nd Floor.  Really important for people to be here.  

James announces the Bill of Rights Funeral Tues 17th, 4:30p at HQ (Jackson & LaSalle)  - they request Bikes to lead the Funeral Procession and Funeral Banners.

Ryan runs through the Interfaith Church Alliance MLK Rally actions of the day;  Speeches made, a March across to the Bank of America with a special "Crutch" display in the street in front of BoA.  Their theme's were Occupy the Dream and Student Debt.

A call for people to attend Tuesday 17th, 7:30p at the Experimental Station 6100 S Blackstone.  Kionga Taylor (sp?)

Arzu speaks about organizing and welcoming traveling G8 protestors into our homes to sleep, or just eat... Her email is Akarimova@gmail.com   

Ryan is looking for people to help on the Secretariat Committee.  If you are interested write to them at Secretariat@occupychi.org

There is a 10min Discussion Break

We reconvene at 8p

There are no votes tonight

Ryan presents  on behalf of Egyptians in the U.S. and Egyptians in Chicago the 1 Year Anniversary of the Egyptian Revolution on 1.21.12  
This is not an Occupy action, but Ryan stresses the action will take place whether we participate or not. James speaks on stack that we should join in Solidarity.  A vote will take place on Occupy participation at Wednesday the 18th GA.
Here are the events as planned for the 21st-
12:30p Gather at the Horse, Congress and Michigan
1p March north to the Egyptian Consulate 500 N Michigan Ave
1:30-3p Speakers and Theatrical Action at the Egyptian Consulate
#Jan21 #Jan21Egypt
Ryan says that when we put you on Agenda you need to show up.  He laments there were some good subjects that did not get brought up tonight and says if your subject doesn't get brought up because you did not attend GA it's your own fault.

No break to discuss votes as no votes tonight.


BC speaks to the need of going to City Hall on the 22nd  for Sit Down and Shut Up.  He also mentions a meeting he went to at Kent Law School with Cangate (sp?) and Move-On as well as some of the work of The People's Church 941 W Lawrence Ave

Larissa suggest we should do more Outreach during large events like today.  She suggests speaking to those you don't know after and during events, taking the opportunity for inclusion and bringing more people in to the movement.

__________  ( i don't know her name, tall brunette, she also held stack after the discussion break.) she stresses the importance of attending City Hall on Both Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th.  Tuesday is the Hearing,  Wednesday is the Vote with the Occupy call to action starting at 9am.

Ryan mentions that Thursday there will be a "Liberate the South Side" action where Occupy will be putting a family in to a bank owned home.  Location TBA.  Please stay tuned as we need people to come help defend the family from the Sheriff's expected response on the day of the action.

Betsy announces that she has texted the content of her protest signs to the Mayor.  My favorite of these was "Protest Permits- Another Form of Greed".

Paul speaks on MLK Day not just being about African Americans - that Dr MLK Jr stood for all; workers, freedom fighters, civil rights defenders...  He mentions the Governor's visit to the New Beginnings Church today to meet with Pastor Corey Brooks and hopes the Governor brought his wallet.

BC brings up housing issues for Occupiers during G8 and mentions there is someone he calls 'Chewy' who may be able to donate a storefront space for sleeping, but it is on the South Side.  He is looking for people to help organize the space.

Justin from Arts and Recreation Committee brings up the South Side Irish Parade on March 17th and suggests we should have a float or at the very least officially apply to participate.   Here is the official website for the Parade, which states they are still looking for Sponsors.   http://southsideirishparade.org/index.php?id=25

Talia from Occupy Oakland speaks and says she has been to OccupySanFrancisco and London and now Chicago.  She reminds us that if we have moments of despair or doubt, she has seen first hand how big the movement is, and for us to remember we are a part of a big family and we are never alone.

Ryan closes the meeting at 8:25p


Monday, January 16, 2012 - 7:00pm